Professional career: in foreign exchange & money broking business. End of career in managing positions. Afterwards company owner in real estate markets.

Athletics: Mainly long distance running: Marathon 2h 44min  100 km 9h 08 min

Triathlon: All distances up to Ironman: 1st Luxembourger to finish Hawaii Ironman

Seven summits project: 1997-2007 The goal is to climb the highest peak on every continent. I summited 6 of the 7:

1.     Kilimanjaro (Africa/Tanzania) 1997 (My first summit ever)

2.     Elbrus (Europe/Russia) 2000

3.     Aconcagua (South America/Argentina) 2001

4.     Vinson (Antarctica) 2003 1st Luxembourger to summit

5.     Everest (Asia/Nepal) 2004 Attempt, turned around at 7300m

6.     Carstensz  (Australasia/Indonesia/Papua) 2005 1st Luxembourger to summit

7.     Denali (North America/Alaska) 2007

South Pole: 2005: 1st  Luxembourger to reach the geographic South Pole, skiing from 89° south to 90° south

North Pole: 2006: Second Luxemburger to reach the geographic North Pole, guiding a dogsled from 88° north to 90° north. Only Luxembourger having reached both poles.

Alpinism: summited 27 4000m+ peaks in the Alps. plus other peaks all aver the world

Trecking:  2005: 2 weeks trecking in Papua, living with the Papous (see gallery)

Luxembourg - Santiago de Compostela:  2002 Walking from my home to Santiago; more then 2000km in 56 days

Crossing Tibet: 2007 Riding a Mountain Bike from Lhasa (Tibet) to Kathmandu (Nepal), cycling up to Everest Base

Race across America: 2008 The toughest bicycle race in the world! 

Competing as a 4 men team. Winner of our age category

Luxembourg - Beirut: 2009 cycling solo 5200 km

Luxembourg - Beijing: 2010 A 21361 km journey by different means

2011: New project: Ruta Panamericana  On the road at the moment  

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