This was one of the most beautiful days since I am on the road. At least at the beginning. Having to drive very cautiously, I had a very early start, and at dusk I discovered the desert in its entire splendor. Starting from pale grey it unveiled all possible and imaginable colors in the brown yellow and white tones. Sometimes a  juicy green from a….rice field brought a refreshing  change into all this. I wonder where they get the water to grow rice in the middle of a desert. I drove some 500km on this perfect road, in the middle of the most beautiful desert I have ever seen, to my right the Pacific Ocean with pristine and immaculate white sand beaches, to my right the mountains from the Black Cordillera.

My bike survived the day.

In Lima, Julio, whom I contacted yesterday, was already waiting for me. Him and César, the chief mechanic immediately took care of me, but the way they shook their heads when I started my bike said more than a thousand words. It is bad, very bad. Later Eduardo, the chief of technical support joined us. Same verdict: Very bad. As I already suspected myself, it is probably a dead valve, due to some bad fuel I got somewhere. A second possibility might be a defect on a internal transmission chain; that problem is known on this model. But, whatever it might be, if I need some spare parts, they must be imported from Germany. Delay 4-6 weeks.

At the moment the mechanics are opening the engine and I will know more tomorrow at lunchtime. The guys from BMW are really great, their service is amazing. Besides taking care of me immediately, and offering me coffee, Julio takes care of my dead GPS, and tries to find me a new one. Eduardo found me a super hotel and BMW even paid the taxi to get me there.

Meantime I have a sleepless night and I am in contact with all people a bit everywhere who might be able to help me. I cannot afford to wait 4-6 weeks, that is sure. But there is always a solution, and I am very stubborn. But I think you know that already.