Here I am in Brazil.

It will be a short visit only. Logically, after Venezuela, Guyana would have been next country, but the two neighbors are not really best friends, and there is no open border between them. The only way to enter Guyana is a detour via Boa Vista, in Brazil. Boa Vista is the capital of the province of the same name, and located less than 300 km north of the equator. Today the temperature rose to 35 degrees and it was raining for a change. Tomorrow I’ll drive north again to enter Guyana.

Before leaving Venezuela, I obviously went for a last free or almost free tank filling. But this time, I had to register before passing at the pump. This is aimed to monitor the locals, and verify if they do not pass here too often; and trying so to limit a lucrative traffic of gasoline with Brazil.

Once in Brazil, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a road in a rather good condition, contrary to what I was told before. Of course, there are some passages dotted with potholes, but zigzagging with my bike I pass them quite well, unlike cars who have to drive very slowly.

Things will definitely change tomorrow.