At last: After some 2500 km in the cold and rain, here comes the sun. And with the sun all the animals I got desperate to see: Buffalo, bear, caribou, moose. I even was so lucky to spot a bald eagle, the national symbol of North America.

I'm still in the wilderness, there are roughly some 500 km between 2 "cities" Roads are mostly in perfect conditions, there is absolutely no traffic. Because of the total remoteness, everything here is very expensive, from fuel to lodging to dining.

For instance, the "Northern Rockies lodge" where I spent last light: 250 km away in both directions from the next inhabited place, they have no electricity and operate diesel powered generators,  Only for electricity, they use 6400 litres/month, plus another 3200 litres for their heating system. Their groceries for the restaurant are delivered twice weekly by truck from Edmonton, a distance of 1300 km!