If the Euro implodes and whole  Europe goes bankrupt, I will move over here.

Buenos Aires is definitely the most beautiful city on my journey, the one I would like to live in. It just lacks the beautiful seaside of Montevideo, located on the opposite bank of the Rio de la Plata, which separates the two countries. In the absence of beautiful beaches, the Porteños (This is how the inhabitants of Buenos Aires are called) go sunbathing and exercising in their beautiful parks. The city really dotted with parks filled with works of art, beautiful lakes and sports fields.

The avenues are wide, sometimes up to 2 x 6 lanes, interspersed with roundabouts where statues of conquerors or liberators of all kinds look proudly down to the traffic. But thanks to these huge avenues traffic here is very much fluid; I did not notice one single traffic jam. Maybe is this the reason why drivers here are very relaxed and civilized, they do not honk like idiots, and they even leave the priority to pedestrians.

Regarding beautiful buildings, Buenos Aires has nothing to envy the most beautiful European capitals; in fact, it could very well be one of them, with its chic boutiques, elegant Porteñas, and posh restaurants where you get served huge steaks enhanced with Argentine wines that can rival the best wines of France.  Pricewise as well, by the way.

The official Panamericana end here, in Buenos Aires; finally I did not use it a lot. Today I’ll resume my journey, and drive further south to Ushuaia, my final destination.

Now one last problem starts to cause me concern: My bike: so far I have not found a way to bring it back to  Luxembourg.