Initially I should wave checked my bike in yesterday already, but then the cargo ship was delayed one, and later 4 days. For once, this is good news; I would never have made it.

I'll tell you later why I have to put my bike on a ship.

I lost a lot of time these days, really a lot. The reason is the never ending rain, added with lots of mist or fog. Between the dozens of landslides and flooding I did not see a lot of Costa Rica; just driving, waiting, driving and waiting again. The last two days I entered my shower with all my clothes on; I was all and all covered with mud. After cleaning my gear and servicing my bike, I went straight to bed, and almost fell asleep immediately.

The longest delay took me some three hours on a landslide, waiting until two bulldozers had filled rocks in a big hole where the day before was a road. With my bike I finally I passed, but the long queue of cars and trucks had to be patient much longer. I doubt that they passed that day.