it was snowing yesterday when we drove to Cotopaxi Park once more. From 5000 meters the snowline was now at 4000. Once again we could not see Cotopaxi, but we decided to climb at least to the refuge. The 300 meters elevation were covered really fast, once because we were in good shape, and second, because there were thunderstorms all around us.It continued snowing for hours, and we were almost sure that this time it was definitely over. With fresh snow higher than 40 cm, there would be no climbing for 2 days, too dangerous.

The roaring that woke me up during the night, was not the wind, but my stomach. I spent most of the night at the toilets, vomiting, and more. You know what I mean...

Around midnight, Abraham, our guide woke me up, said the conditions were good. There was no wind, the snow had settled, the sky was clear.

As for me it was impossible to attempt the summit, Cédric and Abraham went alone. After 5 hours they summited in perfect conditions, and were back 2 hours later.

Cédric made it! I am so proud of him.

One hour later, Cotopaxi was totally covered with clouds again. They just got the right weather window they needed.

Tomorrow we'll fly back home

Approching the refuge amid thunderstorms


Better not fall here

Cédric, my son, my heroe