In 1941 after Pearl Harbour, American and Canadian governments re-evaluated their security. There was an obvious need to shore up and protect the sovereignty of North America, and a secure land transportation was needed to transfer military goods, materials and troops from continental states to Alaska.

A 1500 miles of road was needed to be built through the wilderness of Canada and Alaska.

In 1942 it all started in Dawson Creek, and the population of this small community rose from 600 to 10000 in a matter of weeks.

After a little over 8 month on intense construction the Alcan Highway was complete, approx. 10 km a day! 133 major bridges and over 3000 culverts were built.

Today it is almost 10% paved with just a few gravel parts.

The landscape has changed; Birch trees have replaced the pine trees, vast prairies have replaced the Northern Rockies