Since yesterday I am travelling on CA-1 better known as RUTA PANAMERICANA. Although this legendary route inspired my actual project, I did not drive on it so far.  I could have used it much earlier, as it starts officially on the US-Mexican border, but very often it is a 4 lane motorway. and that is not what a biker wants, so I choose most of the time smaller secondary routes.

When I entered San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, I suddenly drove around in quite a weird neighbourhood, if not to say a dangerous one. Once again there were thunderstorms coming, so I looked for a hotel as fast as possible. Not so easy! Finally I found the "hotel of  historic city" and just managed to enter the lobby when the first lightnings lacerated the black sky. I knew that I was in the red light  district, but it was still funny to hear the "lady" at the reception desk ask me, for how many hours I needed a room. When I told her for a full night, she opened wide her eyes, and said "Don't you want to take 12 hours, I am sure that will be enough?" I explained that I just wanted to sleep, but that I needed internet, to update my blog. "No problem, we have it in all rooms" she replied. Well, this was not the first time i heart this, but very often the net just worked in the lobby. So I quickly checked the connexions, and found that there was not connection at all. Furious because she was lying to me, I said that I wanted to cancel my room and go for another hotel. Not so easy: She simply refused to give me my money back.

"You booked a room, and now you have it" I did not even see the room, and was still in the lobby!

To make a long story short, things turned bad, and loud and louder. Finally after an intervention of the police, she handed me my money back.

I had lost 2 hours and took a room in another hotel for 5 times the price of this one.......but: with internet!

Wow, all the things I am doing for you, no?