As soon as I entered Mexico, the road started climbing slowly, and I drove for most of the time at an altitude above 2000 meters, with peaks of more than 3000. After leaving the capital, the road conditions were not so good any more. They're not really bad yet, but I had to reduce my speed to avoid some unexpected traps. The temperatures were high, above 30°but dry, so not too much suffering on that side, at least as long as I was driving. As soon as I entered cities though, I quickly started suffocating in my thick motorcycle clothes, so I drove most of the time in T-shirt.

After Oaxaca, I drove up  a 3200m high pass, and then the road suddenly plunged down to sea level. I passed a first jungle zone, drove above or in thick clouds. There the visibility dropped to close to zero and the humidity must have been nearby 100%.  On top of that, this part of travel was 160 km turn after turn, never more than a few hundreds of meters straight. Under normal conditions this would have been a dream for a motorcycle rider, but in these conditions, and on these bad roads, my average speed was less than 40 km/h.

Since a few days, there are thunderstorms every afternoon.

ananas field