I left Buenos Aires two days ago. Before, I offered my bike its fifth set of tires; the old ones were definitely dead. My hotel had no garage, so I parked my bike in the hotel lobby, it could not have been safer somewhere else.

For some 1000 km I drove through the uninhabited, flat and boring Pampa again. The very few cities passed were mostly industrial or based on the fishing industry; without interest.

Now I entered Patagonia, the last region I will pass. At least now I started seeing wildlife again.

I feel much better after my crash, my hands are healing well, and only my right leg still hurts. It is less swollen, but I am still limping a bit. Anyway, I felt good enough to have another look at my travel maps, and I might well change my plans again.

The legendary Ruta 40 is just too tempting for me. At least I want to give it a try.

My main problem now is how to get my bike back home; I still have no serious solution there.