I am in Georgetown, the capital of Guyana.

As I did not know what road conditions would come up, I left early at 5 am. The road was good, I was bound 1 ½ hours later, and at 8 o’clock sharp I showed up at the Embassy of Suriname. Contrary to what I was told I will get my visa on the same day, that's perfect.

I take the rest of the day to clean myself, my clothes and my bike.. Then I start looking for a money changer. I'm running out of cash, especially dollars. Nobody wants Euros over here. In addition, the ATM has no interest in my Visa card. I find a Cambio and I exchange my Euros against dollars, at a very attractive price; for the Cambio, of course.

I hope to fill up my cash reserves in French Guiana, since here cash is king.

I am on the road since three month now; I crossed 15 borders and drove 24.000km, 5000 more than expected. The first two and last six weeks I rode in the rain. I have problems to dry my gear, especially if the end of my stage is under heavy rain. When I get wet during the day it is not a big problem, as my bike gear dries rather quickly.

My bike does not seem to have been damaged of the torture that I inflicted on it yesterday, contrary to my ankle which is quite swollen. If this continues, I will not be able to put my boots on tomorrow, they are too tight. Besides that, I hardly had any problems, only a minor infection of the eye annoyed for some time. But in recent days I feel like I'm getting tendinitis in my right elbow, and the rough day of yesterday was not done to make things better.