I am about to go crazy!

My motor broke 2 weeks ago because of adulterated fuel I got here in Peru. Meantime I am sure that this is the reason, because I received emails from other bikers, who had the same problem, on the same place.

In BMW Lima I was told that the engine could not get repaired anymore, I needed a new one. This would have taken 4 weeks.

That is why I bought a second hand engine in Germany, which, thanks to DHL, could have been here in Lima, in just 2 days.

And then started the problems. I will not tell you all of them, there are just too many. Just the BIG ones.

First: The Peruvian law does not allow the importation of second hand spare parts. It took DHL Luxembourg one week to find a solution, but they found one.

Second: The new engine arrived here in Lima on Jan 2nd. Now I had 2 choices: Temporary or definite import. In  both cases, I would have to pay import tax, rougly 2500$ ! With a temporary import, I would have lost more time again, and upon exiting Peru, I would have lost time once more, trying to get my money back. So we choose a definite import.

Third: When everything seemed fine, came this one: As a private person, I am not allowed to import goods of a value in excess of 3000$. My exchange engine costs much more, so the customs refuse to clear the import. DHL Lima found a solution again,  I had to fill in another document, show up personally at the customs and tax office, and things would be fine.

Fourth: Now, the worst. To be allowed to import my engine, I need a RUC number, which is like a registration as a professional dealer. Basically I have to found a company here in Peru, to get that number. Delai: One month as least.

Together with Oscar from DHL, I tried just everything. I would have been totally lost without his help. But administration is administration, and the answer is NO.

Now, I have nothing more to loose. Tomorrow I'll give it one last desperate and quite risky try.  If it works, I will tell you once out of the country.