I am sure, most of these questions will be asked many times, so let me answer them here already.
My personnel best of and a few stats :
The country I liked the most: Pérou
The country I liked the least: Bélize
The landscape I liked the most: Pacific coast of Peru
The landscape I liked the least: Pampa in Argentina
National parcs : 1 : Yellowstone, USA. 2 : Yasper & Banff, Canada. 3: Galapagos, Ecuador.
My preferred cities : 1: Buenos Aires, Argentina 2: Montevideo, Uruguay 3: Cartagena, Colombia
The city I liked the least: Colon, Panama
Most dangerous city : Caracas, Venezuela
Most dangerous country : North of Mexico
Most impressive sites : 1 : Chichen Itza, Mexico, 2 : Yellowstone, USA, 3 : Foz de Iguazu, Brazil.
Most impressive event: Pilgrimage to the Cristo Negro, in Portobelo, Panama
Most admirable sight: Salmon migrations, Canada
Most saddening sight: Children living on refuse disposal site in Managua, Nicaragua
Most impressive sight: Kids working in the Potosi silver mine, Bolivia
Most amazing experience: Shaman séance in La Paz, Bolivia
Most frustrating experience: Fighting with Peruvian customs to get my new engine.
My greatest fear: Crash in Brazil, at 130 km/h
My hardest day: 400km on muddy trails through the jungle of Guyana.
My most unpleasant days: Passing Patagonia with constant strong lateral winds.
Temperatures: From 0°C to 39 °C
Altitudes: From 0 to 4500 meters.
Motorbike :
46304 km
23 countries passed, 31 borders crossed.
5 sets of tires, no puncture.
1 new engine, 4 chains, 1 regulator, 1 batterie, 1 light bulb.
2 accidents: 1: Hit by a truck in Colombia2 : Skidding on a oil pool in Brazil
2 falls : 1 : sandy trail in Brazil 2 : gravel trail in Chile

My clothes and my travel bag after 6 month of travel and a few crashes