Was it the shaman and his mysterious spells?

Was it Bertha with her  well-intentioned prayers?

Was it the knowledge and the perseverance of the DHL team?

Or was the illegal way the only one that finally worked?

Anyway. This afternoon my new engine was finally delivered at the Lima BMW garage. Eduardo and his team immediately started building it in the empty frame of my bike. Normally I should be able to start again on Tuesday morning.

At last!

But I will have to review totally my plans. I lost too much time here in Lima. Now I cannot visit anymore all the places I wanted to. The ones I will probably regret most are the Chilean deserts, out of reach now. And even, if I drive down to Ushuaïa on a much shorter route, I will have to increase my daily mileage quite a lot.

Two years ago, on my bicycle tour to Egypt, I had to abandon my travel for the reasons you know. This time I absolutely want to arrive at my destination. And I will!

In the meantime, I just have spread my travel maps all over the room and now I start calculating.