It's all about perspective, how you see the things.
Thus, I consider myself as a lucky person.
I could feel sorry for myself, but no, I was lucky.
I was lucky that the truck that could have killed me, departed on time.
I was lucky that the truck was on a ascending road. If it had been downhill he could never have deviate.
I was lucky that my biker suit protected me perfectly. My messed up hands are due to my own negligence.
I was lucky that after the crash I could continue my road for 400km to Blumenau, and that my engine stopped working just in front of a hotel; I just had to unload my luggage.
I was lucky that this happened in Blumenau, the "German" city of Brazil, where logically there is a BMW garage, one of the few ones in South America.
I was lucky that BMW Brazil has its own repository of spare parts, unlike Peru, for example, which would have had to order the spare parts of Europe.
Finally, I am lucky that my bike is repaired already (new battery and new regulator) and I will resume my journey tomorrow.
Next time you’re in a bad situation, try to see things the positive way, it makes life much easier  Wink