Things started rather well: I arrived on time, my luggage was there, my motorbike waited next door. The "Prudhoe Bay hotel" the only one around, was just opposite the airport. I paid 200 $, for a tiny room, dropped my luggage and drove to the only fuel station here. First surprise: Nobody there,  Next to a small wooden barrack are a few fuel barrels, for self service. The best quality is only 85 octanes, while the lowest recommended quality for my bike is 91 octanes. I hope it will digest this crap without damage.

Back to my hotel, the shock: I have no bike documents, no registration card! No idea where they might be, somewhere between Luxembourg and here. But that is not the point: I need new ones, otherwise, no way to pass the border to Canada. As Monday is a public holiday in Luxembourg, I must wait till Tuesday, before Patrice can start getting me new ones. No idea how long it will take to get them and to send them over here. Until than I am stranded in Alaska. And I still have no insurance as well.

Although some 200 people work here on the biggest oil field of the USA, Prudhoe Bay has an official population of 5 only! The workers live in containers and barracks. There is only 1 road, the Dalton Highway. It starts here and it goes south. At least I cannot miss my direction.

I had to fill my tank here, the next fuel station is more than 400 km away

The "Prudhoe Bay Hotel" 200 $ a night for a tiny room in a barack

Seen from the plane: The tundra with the Alaskan Pipeline