It was hard till the very end.

I had a long day ahead of me, from Ushuaia, Argentina to Punta Arenas, Chile. The Terra del Fuego is an island shared by both countries. But, while on the Argentinean side roads are paved and mostly in good conditions, on the Chilean side there are mainly just gravel dirt roads. There are not many signposts, and I shortly after the border I drove in a wrong direction. A motorist I met after one hour directed me on a trail, that was even more wrong, and very hard to drive.

As a result, instead of driving 100km on dirt roads, I drove 250, almost running short on fuel, and on top of that falling in deep gravel.

I have the feeling that Argentina is investing much more into its part of Terra gel Fuego, by tax advantages etc, because on the Chilean side I saw many abandoned houses or even villages.

I passed the Estrecho de Magellanes a last time, and finally drove the last 100km on paved road to Punta Arenas.

My bike will be carried by truck to Santiago de Chile, and from there by cargo ship to Hamburg, and again by truck to Luxembourg.

This might well take a month or two…