Our second day in Quito.

Located just a few kilometers from the equator, and at an elevation of some 2800 meters, Quito is the second highest capital in the world after La Paz, Bolivia.

Yesterday we had our first acclimatization climb to 4000 meters. A climb just the way I love it, because we went.......by cablecar! From our "summit" we had a great view of this strange city which is some 20 km long for just 2 km wide; all situated on the southslopes of a deep valley. The historical center of Quito was, together with Krakow, the first city having been classified "world heritage" by Unesco.

But tomorrow the serious stuff begins, with a "real" hik to some 4200 meters.

A major scandal shocked Ecuador a few days ago: After consuming adulterated alcool, some 23 people have died. The government decided to prohibit all consumption of alcool for a few days