This was an opportunity I could not miss.

In the category of unusual sports, the sandboarding has certainly earned its place.

For the snowboarders amongst you: There is no way that sandboarding can compete with snowboard! One uses the same boards and bindings, but the wax is different, of course. Even the finest sand is so abrasive, that one has to wax after each run. Perhaps in other places there might be some kind of ski-lift, but here in Ica, Peru, there is none. So I walked. And believe me; walking uphill a sand dune is much more tiring than on a snowy hill. But there are some places where the sandboarders can use all-terrain vehicles to bring them back to the top.

The riding style differs little from that of snowboarding, one just moves his weight a bit more backward, as if riding in powder snow;  but even in this position one is far from approaching the speed that can be reached on real snow.

Finally, although it is quite nice to ride in shorts and T-shirt, the sand entering everywhere at each falling is definitely not funny at all.