As I am stuck once more for a few days, I will at least tell you about the places I passed these last days.

This was 5 days ago:

“I am in Paraguay

What can I tell you about his country?

Not much, sorry

The first impression of a country is always important. Logically the first people I meet are the customs officers. The border crossing Argentina/Paraguay was the fastest border so far, 15 minutes. A young, polite and well educated agent helped me all the way through. The longest actually was Bolivia/Argentina: 3 hours.

The next people I meet are often policemen, on one of the numerous check points on the roads of Latin American countries. The one I met here was corrupt, wanted my money, screwed the good impression I first had of his country. Being, unfortunately, quite experienced in dealing with these guys, I refused to pay straight away. It took me a quarter of an hour to resume my travel; I did not pay.

Asuncion is hot, very hot: 40°C: First my engine overheated, and then I overheated. I drove straight away to a nice hotel, lay down for a short nap, and ….. did not wake up until the next morning.

So, from Asuncion, I have seen basically nothing.

The next day I drive to Brazil. Again I pass the Pampa. Big herds of beef and horses graze peacefully. Some others rested in peace.

Ciudad Del Este is the last city of this country that I leave without any particular impressions.”