Let’s go back to French Guiana:

The Hmong are a nation with a tragic history.

Although there is no historic evidence, it is supposed that they are native from Mongolia, then moved to China. Their relationship with the Han Chinese was not the best and they moved more and more south, to settle in Laos and Vietnam. But some 9 million Hmong are still living in China.

In recent history, they fought with the French in the Indochina war, and later with the Americans in the Vietnam War. When the US left Vietnam in 1975, those Hmong who could not flee their country, were considered as traitors, hunted down and killed. These killings are still going on, and there are only a few thousand Hmong hiding in the jungle under terrible conditions. Two years ago, Thailand expelled 4000 Hmong to Laos, despite worldwide protests. They have disappeared.

In the seventies some Hmong settled in the jungle of French Guiana. They are French meantime, but still speak their own language. Their main income source is agriculture.