On the road, at last!

Lima is a beautiful city, but after a few days I had seen (almost) all the churches and museums, and I became more and more nervous and impatient. On top of that I could not make any major sightseeing plans, around Lima,  as I had to be on stand-by all the time to sign an nth form or questionnaire.

So, at sunrise this morning I finally left Lima, it’s crazy traffic  and its misty beaches, heading south again. My new engine purrs like a cat, total happiness to me.

The stage of the day: Nazca and the mysterious lines.

The Lineas de Nazca are trenches that were carved in the desert soil between the 5th and 7th century A.D. They are the work of the Nazca nation, whom of we do not know a lot. These giants drawings,  geoglyphs by their scientific name, were formed by removing the reddish to gray upper part of the soil on about 15 cm, discovering a light-colored soil underneath. Some of these designs have several hundred meters long, and are amazing in their geometric precision. The lineas were "discovered“in the 1930th by travelers flying over the Nazca desert by plane; from the ground they are almost indiscernible, thus calling some disturbed brains to state that they are the work of aliens. More rational scientifics try to interpret them as astronomical figures, open-air religious sites or sacrifices places.

Mostly they represent animals. Two of these cannot be found around here: the whale and monkey. In addition, there is a drawing of a funny little man that clever tour operators called the astronaut, just a matter to increase the mystery around this site.

Interesting is the fact that the drawing with the two hands, and that of the monkey, show one hand with four and another with five fingers, a typical feature of the Nazca culture.

Apparently the Martians have the same.

The monkey

The spyder

The two hands

The astronaut