Driving east from Cartagena the road follows most of the time the Caribbean Sea. The landscape is flat, marshy. A rich diversity of waterfowl puts some nice colored touches in this evergreen landscape. The road was really bad sometimes, and I was struggling a lot with my road tires on slippery ground.


I made a short stop at the Totumo volcano, a curious and funny little mountain. It's a real volcano, but instead of lava it ejects mud, which apparently has some therapeutic value. True or not, the real purpose is to have fun and bask in the warm mud, then taking a cleaning bath in the nearby lagoon. The Totumo is just about fifteen meters high.


A legend tells that it was once a great volcano ejecting lava, but a priest, seeing there the work of the devil, sprinkled it with holy water, thus condemning poor Totumo to its actual little muddy activity.