That's it, friends


I've been spoiled by good weather and blue skies for my final stage. Moreover, the last 100 km, where the last peaks of the Andes sink down in the icy waters of the Antarctic Ocean, were very nice. Beautiful mountains, some covered with forest; others with sharp peaks and covered with remnants of snow; dark blue lakes and guanacos at every turn of road: at last I found the Patagonia from the postcards.

This is the place where the road ends, just as it ends in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska; the place where I started this travel on the other end of the Americas.

It took me six months and more than 46000 km to get here.

What I felt when I arrived? Not much...

Maybe a mixture of regret, relief, exhaustion and emptiness. Surely because the longest journey of my life comes to an end, but also because the last days were hard. Now I cannot wait to return back to the ones I love, and who gave me wonderful support all along this journey.

Ushuaia is a city without much interest, except for its location as the southernmost city in the world.
If Ushuaia is the end of my trip, it was not the goal, far from it, and fortunately as well. What I came here for were the countless big and small experiences, the good and the bad ones that I had the privilege to live on a daily base during these extraordinary six months. I passed 23 countries, crossed 31 borders and all the possible climatic zones. I met some great people, the gentle lunatics, eccentrics, visionaries, shamans and witches. I have not made one single bad encounter. Once again I got the confirmation that people are nice, friendly and helpful everywhere in the world; there are politics that separates them.

And my journey is not completely over yet. As I could not find a way to ship my bike from Ushuaia, I will drive it tomorrow to Punta Arenas, Chile, where it will be shipped to Rotterdam.