I really do not have time enough to tell you a lot these days, sorry. Anyway, I have no time for sightseeing as well, we are basically driving the whole day long, (630km today) and end up with some official stuff upon arrival. In Luxembourg for instance, there were 2 ministers, the mayor of Luxembourg and the archbishop of Luxembourg. Plus a lot of officials from the different motorcycle federations.

Today, in Warsaw his Excellency Mr. Bruch invited us for a welcome drink in the Luxembourg embassy, where we could also look at an exibition about the role of RTL Radio in the immediate post-war years. Did you know that RTL (Radio Télé Luxembourg) was the only western radio station that was allowed to broadcast into Poland those days?

After the reception, we all drove under police escort through the main streets of Warsaw to our hotel. Quite a startling cortege: all the police cars, the 67 bikes, plus accompanying cars, vans and ..... ambulances.

During the daily stages we are divided into smaller groups of course. I am driving in a group of 9 bikers, and I cannot stop where and when I want. And so, for the next days and until we reach Moscow, I will just tell you my impressions from the bikers point of view. On my way back, I will be on my own, and I will have more time to tell you my personal impressions of the countries I will pass, and of the people I will meet.