Meantime I have 2326 km down, and I am still driving in the rain, soon I will start croaking. There is nothing here but a wonderful landscape (If I can see anything in the rain and mist, of course), lots of rain and mosquitoes. Only on road, and no Cellphone connection. From Whitehorse till here I drove 445 km, without any small village.

You remember when I told you of that hitch hiker who wanted to go to Argentina? Well, I met him twice again; he's German and so far travelling faster than I.

In 1942, a homesick GI, working on the famous Alaska Highway erected a sign here, pointing to his home town, and stating the mileage on it. Others followed his lead and are still doing so. In 1990 the 10000 sign was placed, and now , on the last count, there are 71725.

I met Ian Usher, an amazing guy. One day he decided to cut off with his life that was not fulfilling him. But he wanted a real cutoff, and decided to sell all he possessed and start from zero again. So he had the idea to make a package of al: His house, car and all belongings, but he also offered an introduction to his friends, and even his job! His boss accepted to give a 2 week trial to the future buyer. Having all well packaged, he offered the whole on Ebay! This immediately got a worldwide impact, and Ian gave more than 1000 interviews over the next weeks. The auction ended at 393000$ (His house was estimated 400000$) Unfortunately the buyer dropped Ian, and so did the 3 following buyers. Sad ending of a great story. Finally Ian sold his house for 350000. He than started to tick off a bucket list of 100 things he wanted to do in 100 weeks. All this is in his book:

"A LIFE SOLD - What ever happened to that guy who sold his whole life on eBay"

that you can buy on Amazon.

Ths is not the real Luxembourg, but still....

The hitch hiker that is faster than the biker

Ian Usher, the man who sold his life on eBay