First I got bad new from home: Patrice cannot get a new registration card for my bike. Although she has a general power of attorney, which allows her to do just everything, these idiots in the Luxembourg control station do not accept it, and want a handwritten loss declaration from me first. I hate Luxembourg's bureaucracy. Well, I had no choice ,I did what they want, and sent the declaration of yesterday, by express mail. When I asked the postman how long it would take, he said 3-5 business days. "What, so long?" His answer: "Hey man do you know where you are" He's right, I was in the middle of nowhere.

An Ecuadorian biker that I met in Prudhoe bay, told me that the Canadian customs officers were quite cool, so I decided to take the risk, and drove to the border. When I left North Pole, I saw a hitch hiker with a panel: "From Alaska to Argentina." I wonder how long it will take him to get there.

First thing I had to do at the customs, was getting a certification that a was exporting my bike from the US. Yes, I really had to import it to start! Thanks again Seb and his team from DHL for doing all that paperwork for me. I parked my bike far from the customs station, but well in sight though. Then I asked the officer to get the export documents. "Where is the bike, to check it?" he asked, I showed it to him, far away, and it worked! This big fat man was just to lazy to walk up there, and handed me my documents without asking any further question.

Than I drove to the canadian border, 20 miles away. And the Ecuadorian guy was right. A friendly lady just asked for my passport, and wanted to k now whether I was carrying weapons, drugs, alcool, cigarettes or live animals. I reassured her that I was as clean as can be, got my passport stamped, and entered Canada. Now I have 2 weeks to get my new documents before I leave the country. Even for stubid and stubborn Luxembourgish beaurocrats this should be enough