Even though Mexico is a 90% Catholic country, this religion is often fused with more ancient indigenous beliefs and superstitions. At the Sonora witchcraft market you will find some of the more obscure and traditional remedies that claim to help everything. The market is loosely organized into three parts: Healing herbs, Afro-Cuban paraphernalia and black magic.

This is the home of the brujos (witches), Voodoo practitioners, New Age Shamans, mediums and spiritualists. The National Association of Sorcerers has its headquarters in the market's depths.

And there is also Santa Muerte, another nightmare for the catholic church. She normally appears as a skeletal figure, clad in a generally white robe. She is worshipped by those living besides the society: Drug dealers, thieves, prostitutes, gang members etc. She's somewhat the saint of the criminals.

Tepito, where I shoot these photos, in not a recommendable place, that is why I used my mobile phone instead of my normal camera. Please excuse the bad quality of the pictures.