Luxembourg / Cairo - Route travelled so far

Cycling from Luxembourg to Cairo

The planning for this project changed several times. After walking from Luxembourg to Santiago de Compostela (2000km) I wanted to do something similar again, but this time on bicycle.

So my idea was to cycle Luxembourg-Rome-Jerusalem-Makkah. Then I found out, that access to Makkah is restricted to Muslims only, so I had to drop that project.

After considering different alternatives, I decided this one:

Leaving Ell (my home village) by bicycle, crossing 17 countries, and finish at the Giza Pyramid. Considering some unexpected, this should be a 7000 km trip, which I intend to complete in about 2 1/2 month

Please have a look at my travel blog on my Home page, which I will try to update on a regular basis, in English and French

Projected Route

Road Map

My bicycle

Rotor Bicycle, Rohloff Speedhub, Extrawheel trailer