2009 17.12

New project for 2010 "Silk road"

I want to travel the silk road on Marci Polo and Sven Hedin's tracks. This will be done by different means of transportation. Interested people may join for parts of the travel. Just contact me.
2009 31.12

All my best wishes for 2010

2010 11.01

100.000 Visits! 100.000 thanks

Today we reached 100.000 visits on this site, amazing! I never expected this.
2010 11.02

Silk road 2010: May 19th till August 31st!

Charel (Yellow shirt) Nico (White shirt) and me (Pink shirt) in Frankfurt airport on our way to RAAM
The dates are set. Need a car! We're three for cycling China
2010 22.02

Here it is: My first book!

I wanted to see the Pyramids in Egypt, I saw the Prisons in Syria!
2010 03.03


Conference, Book presentation, TV interview
2010 05.03

The itinerary: 17596 km

17 countries. Click to see full details
2010 24.03

The hunt for Visas is on

17 countries 9 visas
2010 26.03

We are 4 for the Chinese part

Curt Wagner joined our team
2010 27.03

Driving my car to Istanbul

It will be stored there for 2 month
2010 07.04

One more step done

My car is in Istanbul now, waiting for me to pick it up next month
2010 20.04

D - 28 Still need 2 visa, getting nervous

Meantime I have 7 out of nine visa
2010 29.04

D - 20: READY!

Everything is ready!
2010 07.05

D - 12: Big Problem!

The border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan is closed!
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